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Taxes on the super rich could raise £50 billion a year for our struggling NHS and public services. Search your postcode to ask for your MP’s support 📩

Why do we need to tax the super rich?

Ordinary families are facing the biggest cost of living crisis in a generation. But the wealth of the richest is growing.

Our NHS is struggling to meet demand, with waiting lists and ambulance response times skyrocketing, while our public services lack the resources to function properly.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that, although a small number are doing very well, the UK isn’t working for most people – and something has to change. We need to find practical ways to fix our country.

Those with the broadest shoulders must be asked to pay more to support the UK’s recovery.

There is huge public support for higher taxes on wealth. Over three quarters (78%) of voters support an annual wealth tax on those with assets worth over £10 million.

Tax Justice UK is proposing 6 taxes on wealth that could raise £50 billion a year to save our NHS and public services.

There is growing consensus across the political divide that wealth inequality in the UK is harming our country, and can’t be allowed to continue.

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Ask your MP to tax the super rich

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