Ask your MP to reform the tax system

Public services urgently need investment. Reforming the tax system can raise revenue to revive them. Search your postcode to tell your MP 📩

Tax reform can breathe life back into our country.

Key services we all rely on are hanging on by a thread.

NHS waiting lists are at record highs impacting millions of people and their ability to go about their lives. Local councils are facing funding crises and too many people can’t afford the basics.

Poverty surges while the wealth of the richest balloons. Britain has become a hugely unequal society.

This is the inheritance of the new government.

Reforming our tax system could revive our struggling country – raising more for the NHS, councils and other key services. It could be a tool to tackle wealth inequality.

By taxing the wealth of the super-rich more – and closing unfair tax loopholes – the government could raise up to £60 billion a year.

This could provide significant spending power to meet the scale of the challenge and revive the country.

Now is the time that MPs will be looking around for solutions to the problems they’ve inherited.

Now is a vital chance to influence them at the very start of a new Parliament.

We have built this easy to use tool where you can send an email to your MP.

It sets out why investment is needed in the NHS and other key services, and why tax reforms like taxing wealth and closing loopholes are the sensible solutions to the problems the country faces.

Send a message to your MP and let them know that the country is crying out for serious change and tax reform can be the foundation it is built upon.

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Ask your MP to reform the tax system

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